About Us

Turf-Shark Fertilizer Inc. is a new company, but our combined experience gives us over twenty years in the fertilizer industry.

Thanks to extremely low overhead costs and great relationships with suppliers, we can offer our customers very competitive prices on the highest quality, and new innovative turf care products.

Our expertise in the fertilizer industry is just one of our areas of specialty. We also have experience working in horticulture, green roofs, blower trucks, the compost industry, bio-gas projects, and soil science research.

With Turf-Shark Fertilizer, our customers receive competitive prices on the highest quality Turf Fertilizers and a diversified line of products, several of which are unique in the industry. Turf-Shark Fertilizer also offers customers consulting services that stretch well beyond fertilizer and turf.

Many of our products are sold across Canada and in the U.S. directly to the landscape, lawn care, and sports field markets, as well as through our distributors.

*Turf-Shark Fertilizer Inc. is not affiliated with the now defunct company Turf Revolution, and subsequently has no affiliation with any of its former directors, owners, presidents, and/or Chief Executive Officers.*